About Boxshipping

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Why choose Us

More than 10 year´s experience as full service freight forwarding company and together with dedicated personnel ensures you optimal service. You can leave all your transportation and forwarding troubles for us to solve and you can spare your time with concentrating on your own core business.

The idea behind our name: boXshipping, is that we want everything to be easy for you. No matter if you are transporting a pallet or huge engine or turbine, all you need to think, that it is just shipping a box, a smaller one or a bigger one. We take care all it requires for you and assist you with all the tasks, arrangements and documentation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your best and trustworthy partner among the freight forwarding business. By doing our best and always seeking the latest innovations we want to be on top of the renovations and offer the solutions that help you in your everyday life.

What we Do

We provide all the possible services among the industry of freight forwarding and transportation. We assist you with documentation needed, give you suggestion about suitable Incoterm the case requires and seek the best solutions among all the means by transportation and all the service providers.

Tilaa uutiskirjeemme

Tilaa uutiskirjeemme ja varmista, että saat automaattisesti rahtipäivitykset sähköpostiisi ja pysyt rahtitasojen kanssa ajan tasalla. Uutiskirje sisältää myös kuljetuksiin liittyviä uutisia ja tiedotteita ajankohtaisista ja tärkeistä aiheista. Uutiskirjeen voi myös helposti peruuttaa koska tahansa, mikäli katsot sen tarpeettomaksi. Huom! Uutiskirje on tarkoitettu vain yrityskäyttöön ja Suomessa sijaitseville yrityksille.

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